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The PLOS Blogs Network has been set up to bring a select group of independent science and medicine bloggers together with the editors and staff who run our journals and blogs. Our independent network is made up of writers who love science and medicine, and scientists and physicians that love to write. Here, you’ll find an equal mix of blogs from journalists and researchers tackling diverse issues in science and medicine. The shared mission of our contributors is to promote greater understanding of breakthrough science for a variety of reader types, including policy makers, the academic science community, researchers, medical and mental health practitioners, journalists and the general public.

Beginning with the launch of our main blog on, back in 2006, PLOS quickly realized how informal communication can catch readers’ attention and help share and explain important scientific ideas. PLOS ONE then launched their journal blog, everyONE in March 2009. Two months later, the editors of PLOS Medicine started Speaking of Medicine to interact with those interested in global health. PLOS Biologue was launched by the editors of PLOS Biology in 2012.

The number of blogs in the PLOS Blogs Network doubled during 2012-13, with new blogs on topics ranging from paleontology to climate modeling, and from citizen science to the interface of science and art. The blogs complement PLOS journal content with timely coverage of issues such as vaccine safety and obesity. Bloggers are supported by a range of guest posters; in February 2013, a post from White House honoree, high school student scientist and Intel Award winner Jack Andraka, went viral, attracting more than 28,000 visitors in two days.

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