PLOS Collections, which aggregate interdisciplinary content from PLOS journals, focus not only on scientific topics but also on the topic of publishing itself. PLOS created three new collections in 2012-13 to highlight innovation and transformation in publishing.

Software: A Pioneer in the Sharing of Source Code

Open-source software is increasingly recognized as having an important role in enabling peer review, reproducibility and reuse of research. The PLOS Computational Biology Software collection breaks new ground by sharing the source code behind the experiments reported in the journal; in each case, the code is made available under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative. The 14 articles currently in the collection address biological problems including drug development and environmental clean-up; the collection remains open for submissions.

Text Mining: Highlighting the Breadth of Developments

The rate of growth of the scientific literature has now outstripped the ability of individuals to keep pace with new publications. As more articles become digitally and openly available, text mining tools can help to retrieve and extract information more efficiently. The Text Mining collection provides an overview of the field, highlighting experimentation with new content types, such as electronic patient records and social media, and new subject areas, such as environmental sciences and humanities.

Altmetrics: Exploring Impact

PLOS ONE  launched a collection, in collaboration with, to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of research on altmetrics. As the collection grows, it is expected to include statistical analyses of altmetrics data sources, identification of biases in measurements, validation of models of scientific discovery and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments.

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