From a community-driven Open Letter, to proving Open Access as a sustainable publishing model, to creating the world’s largest journal—the Public Library of Science ( is committed to innovating research communication to benefit science and the public.

PLOS Journals

PLOS publishes a suite of influential journals across all areas of science and medicine. Articles—from authors early in their careers to Nobel laureates—are rigorously reported, peer-reviewed and 100% Open Access—immediately available, free of restrictions—promoting the widest readership and impact.
PLOS ONE | PLOS Biology | PLOS Medicine | PLOS Computational Biology | PLOS Genetics | PLOS Pathogens | PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

PLOS Blogs

A less formal communication network, PLOS Blogs provide diverse perspectives on science and medicine, featuring posts from PLOS staff—and the broader community—that promote greater understanding of science for a wider audience and encourage healthy debate.

PLOS Currents

Publication channels for novel research and ideas, PLOS Currents are organized by focused research areas. Huntington Disease | Muscular Dystrophy | Disasters | Outbreaks | Tree of Life | Evidence on Genomic Tests

PLOS Collections

After publication, PLOS Collections aggregate and curate related content from PLOS journals and beyond, demonstrating innovative approaches to the assessment, organization and reuse of research, data and commentary.

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