Jonathan Dugan

Throughout his career, Jonathan has focused on the promotion of science, education and open culture. Prior to joining PLOS in 2013, he was a consultant working with primarily nonprofit businesses focused on these topics. In 2005 he founded and led a startup called ClearBits, providing services to host and distribute open licensed digital media. He has experience with high tech business, web services and software development, and with biomedical and healthcare informatics systems. He previously served as platform evangelist at BitTorrent, Inc. and as business development director at SRI International.

Jonathan remains very active in the venture community as advisor to the Stanford/MIT Venture Lab, as an advisor to Bay Area startups and as a judge at venture pitch competitions. He teaches entrepreneurship at the California College of the Arts in their design strategy MBA program. Prior consulting work focused on providing business strategy and technical implementation for building and maintaining community with technology startups. He was co-founder of BioE2E, the SF Bay Area nonprofit community for teaching entrepreneurship and startup techniques to biotech professionals.

Jonathan completed his PhD from Stanford University in 2002 in biomedical informatics, where he developed nonlinear mathematical models for protein structure modeling.



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