Why Publish with PLOS?

3 good reasons to publish with PLOS:

100% compliance with funder Open Access mandates

Immediate online availability for your published article with no access fees

Your work published under the CC BY licence, as required by RCUK

No need for you to self-archive your articles at a later date


Widest possible readership for your work

Your articles immediately and freely available online, to anyone in the world who wants to read it or re-use it for any purpose

All PLOS articles are indexed by Google/PubMed/MEDLINE and immediately fully archived in PubMed Central

PLOS journals attract over 4.4 million article views per month


High levels of author service from an experienced global publisher

We have published over 68,000 Open Access articles since 2003

We offer rigorous and efficient peer review by expert leaders in their field

96% of PLOS authors would publish with us again


And one more reason …

Publishing with PLOS brings you the immediate personal benefits of reach and impact for your work, but at the same time you are supporting a non-profit initiative, founded by leading scientists, working to develop new and better ways of communicating research.