Media Inquiries

PLOS articles frequently benefit from great coverage in online and print media. Journalists on our press list receive early access to research via embargoed press releases. You can find examples of our releases at EurekAlert. You can sign up to receive our embargoed releases here.

We encourage all journalists to clearly state the name of the originating journal in their reports [in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license] and to use the links provided in the press release so that interested readers can go straight to the freely available online articles.

For Public Relations inquiries about PLOS itself, please contact David Knutson: +1 (651)260-8288, dknutson [at]

Please direct any media inquiries to the following press contacts or you can email us directly:


Kayla Graham: +1(415)568-4532, kgraham [at]

For more information on press policies at PLOS ONE click here.

PLOS Medicine

UK – Fiona Godwin: +44(0)1223 442834, fgodwin [at]

US – Maya Sandler: +1(415)590-3583, msandler [at]

PLOS Biology

UK – Hugh O’Brien: +44(0)1223 442 844, hobrien [at]

US – Jennifer Hamlin: +1(415)590-3580, jhamlin [at]

PLOS Computational Biology

UK – Chris Hall: +44(0)1223 442 824, chall [at]

US – Cory Mann: +1(415)568-3457, plospathogens [at]

PLOS Genetics

UK – Gary Beardmore: +44(0)1223 442 823, gbeardmore [at]

US – Cory Mann: +1(415)568-3457, plospathogens [at]

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

UK – Chris Hall: +44(0)1223 442 824, chall [at]

US – Jeri Wright: +1(415)568-3175, jwright [at]

PLOS Pathogens

UK – Chris Hall: +44(0)1223 442 824, chall [at]

US – Cory Mann: +1(415)568-3457, plospathogens [at]

PLOS Currents

US- Elizabeth Flavall: +1(415)568-3444, eflavall [at]

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