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Ethics of Big Data

Series explores the challenges associated with these new research opportunities.

Investigating Vaccination Decision Making

Vaccine Hesitancy Collection explores issues that arise when individuals potentially undermine immunization efforts.


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PLOS statement on peer review manipulation
Biomed Central recently uncovered attempts to deceive editors and undermine the peer review process of papers at several of their journals (see their original statement and update). The reviewers suggested... Full article
January 23, 2015
PLOS Clarifies its Publication Fee Assistance Policy
PLOS would like to clarify the policy by which authors can apply for fee assistance in the form of a partial or full fee waiver. Authors who are unable to... Full article
January 16, 2015
Rich Citations: Open Data about the Network of Research
Just as the static PDF is no longer sufficient to best represent scientific research outcomes that extend beyond the article, the static reference list at the end of a scholarly... Full article
October 22, 2014

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Ten Simple Rules Collection


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