Moving Beyond Left Brain, Right Brain

Anatomy, history and neuroscience combine to influence thinking on brain asymmetry. Image credit:  journal.pone.0068910.g003  

Formalizing Informal Science Education

Diverse opportunities outside the classroom enrich the public understanding and enthusiasm for science and are accessible to all. Image credit: journal.pone.0083259.g001

How to Successfully Live Tweet at Scientific Conferences

Ten Simple Rules for impactful use of this powerful tool for expanding scientific discourse.  

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Rich Citations: Open Data about the Network of Research
Just as the static PDF is no longer sufficient to best represent scientific research outcomes that extend beyond the article, the static reference list at the end of a scholarly... Full article
October 22, 2014
New Release of HowOpenIsIt? Guide Addresses Nuances of Open Access Policies
Welcome to OA week, a celebration of Open Access principles and progress around the world. To kick-off the week PLOS, SPARC, and OASPA are pleased to announce an updated version of... Full article
October 20, 2014
PLOS appoints new Chief Editors of PLOS Biology
PLOS is pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Ferguson and Dr. Emma Ganley have been appointed as joint Chief Editors to PLOS Biology, effective October 13. Both are based in the... Full article
October 15, 2014

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Ten Simple Rules Collection


RT @petermurrayrust: #openaccess here are some videos from talks at #OpenCon2014 https://t.co/PbzZQtrRGS. PMR Brilliant job SPARC/PLoS
RT @TheNGore: .@PLOS Resources on Ebola: new research from @PLOSPathogens & commentary from @PLOSCurrentsOut http://t.co/Xl9J2UT1um http://t.co/pNTLFPZ57d
Economists should focus on the #economy, not #publichealth @TravisSaunders' rebuttal to @MacleansMag @PLOSBLOGS http://t.co/59W3Nka4rE
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