Momentum for Article-Level Metrics (ALMs)

Authors, funders and more describe real-world use of ALMs to better understand the visibility and influence of individual articles.
July 24, 2014

3D Printing and the Billion Cell Construct

A PLOS Biology essay identifies the challenges and future promise of using 3D printing for tissue and organ engineering.
July 24, 2014

What Are Little Boys and Girls Made of?

A study of the multicellular alga Volvox reveals how visibly different sexes can evolve from near-identical mating types. Image Credit: Michael Oberholzer and James Umen
July 24, 2014

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PLOS Launches Neuroscience and Synthetic Biology Channels to Support Collaboration and Discussion of Published Research
(July 2, 2014)  PLOS today launches an initiative designed to engage the larger scientific community in researcher-led, informal discussions of published articles and timely issues affecting researchers such as data... Full article
July 2, 2014
New Publication Time
The research that PLOS publishes garners global media coverage in major outlets including The New York Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Wired, The Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and hundreds... Full article
June 26, 2014
Momentum for Article-Level Metrics: New Uses
The visibility of a research paper extends beyond the journal in which the paper appears, and today includes press coverage, discussion boards, blog posts, post-publication reference managers and downloads. To... Full article
June 11, 2014

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From PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Peter J. Hotez, Kristy O. Murray, ... Pierre Buekens
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