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Revised HowOpenIsIt? guide uses standard Open Access definitions for understanding journal policies and funder compliance.

Happy 10th Anniversary, PLOS Medicine

The PLOS Medicine editors reflect on some of the journal's most interesting and influential articles published over the last decade.

Social Learning of Novel Tool Use in Wild Chimpanzees

New craze of moss-sponging behavior spread through chimps via social rather than individual learning, demonstrating a shared aptitude with humans for education. Image credit: Liran Samuni  

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New Release of HowOpenIsIt? Guide Addresses Nuances of Open Access Policies
Welcome to OA week, a celebration of Open Access principles and progress around the world. To kick-off the week PLOS, SPARC, and OASPA are pleased to announce an updated version of... Full article
October 20, 2014
PLOS appoints new Chief Editors of PLOS Biology
PLOS is pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Ferguson and Dr. Emma Ganley have been appointed as joint Chief Editors to PLOS Biology, effective October 13. Both are based in the... Full article
October 15, 2014
PLOS Medicine Celebrates 10 Years
This week PLOS Medicine celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first issue. PLOS has chosen eight articles and one collection that highlight the breadth and influence of PLOS Medicine, from publishing ethics to public health... Full article
October 14, 2014

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RT @LoicHoupert: Our @PLOS paper on #DeepSea #Bioluminescence after Deep Water Formation http://t.co/74WUYnFD4Z won the @maglarecherche prize at @quaibranly
RT @katybkoz: My research w/ @HarvardHSPH in @plosmedicine, story by @startribune Medical conditions don't explain C-section rates http://t.co/ZDNd2hehAG
J Ioannidis: 12 practices to help inc proportion of true research findings; in @PLOSMedicine http://t.co/tuf61wXZek http://t.co/hh3a7uZ71l
Published in @PLOSMedicine today by John Ioannidis "How to Make More Published Research True" #reproducibility http://t.co/6Uc0CQU7XZ
Teenage Mutant Ninja Journal! Celebrating an Open Access Birthday; Tks @HIldabast @PLOSMedicine http://t.co/jZ8fxwOBCS via @sciam